Exciting Event

I am excited to be a participant of the first web design conference in Philippines and Asia on July 10, 2009 at the Asian Institute of management, makati.


It’s really here! The <form> function () & .class Web Design Conference is the first and only event in Asia for web designers. Initiated by the newly-formed Philippine web designers organization. This conference provides a venue for discussion, learning the world standards, latest trends, and current opportunities and challenges in the web design industry.


This event is open for all professionals and students but it is strictly limited to 400 participants. The event is a opportunity for aspiring web designers to actively discuss work-related values and practices, attitudes in terms of web designing, exchange current web standards, compare experiences, and share stories to the next wave of web experts through a lively, interactive exchange of ideas. In the long term, the event aims to uplift the state of Philippines web design.

Many Filipino now days learned how to create and design their personal profile in different social networking web sites such as friendster, my space, facebook, plurk, etc. Filipino youth learned how to design their own page at the early age of 13 – 14 and getting familiar with the basic and advanced authoring tools in designing.

This event for web designers by our famous and best web designer in the industry starting with Regnard Raquedan the web and usability Consultant, Jojo esposa Founder of the Philippine web Accessibility Group. Marco Palinar, Gail d.c Villanueva, Luis Buenaventura II and Nap Lara the software developer of one of the most famous networking website, the friendster.

This Conference is an excellent venue to reach young designers and college students who are tech-savvy, early adopters of technology even, and spend a lot of time on the web.