Amateur Photo

As a freelance web and graphic designer, I want to have my own stock photos
for my clients and to use it for their websites for free; I really want to
have any brand and model of DLSR camera to have my own stock photos and to
enhance my photo editing skills.
Their all expensive! Waa..

I tried to shoot some photos in our garden and try editing those photos to have a
better and nice output.


I used a Nokia 7200 to shoot this photo. I used Photoshop to edit this photo then,
I really like the output because it
looks like from DSLR camera.



Hope someone like those photos.

Now I learned that I can have that nice photo without using any DSLR camera.
All you need is the basic Photo Editing skills using Adobe Photoshop CS3.
But still, as a designer, I am looking for the best quality, best pixels that the
DSLR camera could ever do.

Here are the steps in creating and setting up the focus using Adobe Photoshop.

1.)    First, know the image quality before sharpening the object that you wanted to have focus effect.
2.)    Use the blur tool on the tools panel and set it’s intensity to the lowest value. To be specific, the best value for blur tool is 30 – 40.
3.)    Apply the blur on the side of the photo around the object that you have sharpened.
4.)    See of you got the output that you want
5.)    Finish!