Graphic Designing Tips

Graphic Designing Tips

Graphic Designing is very important to the industry of the internet. Web sites are composed of graphic designs such as banner, background image, buttons, and etc. Now learning that graphic designing is really a good and precise business, creating your self a graphic design that endorsing your services as a freelancer and exposing your art work to the web is really an effective and easy way to get clients.


1.) Think for your color theme, much better if you choose the theme of your web site.

2.) Create your canvas. Can create any size you want

3.) In designing your ads, make sure that the colors compliment each other for example, your background color is #993399 use colors that compliments for your background like #FFCCFF, #FF99CC, #FFE784, #FFBD59, #0099CC. #0099FF and #33CCCC. There is so many color, those colors are the basic for #993399.

4.) Create your own original and innovative design. Avoid using Photoshop brushes if you want, maybe mixed it with vector or other brushes.

5.) After creating your design insert your name, job, what ever you want to write on your design.

6.) Txt must be name = low case job = high case, and so on…

7.) Now, your finish! You must have basic knowledge in vector designing to create your ad design.graphic2upload